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Paul Denny


Paul has had a wealth of experience in the conveyancing world, starting his career in Adelaide in 1978. He established himself as one of the most trusted conveyancers in South Australia, quickly building up a high reputation with real estate agents and clients alike. It wasn’t until 1993 that conveyancing was recognised as a profession in NSW – until then, only solicitors were permitted to engage in property transactions. Seeing the opportunity, Paul decided to relocate his business to Sydney and became the very first licensed conveyancer in NSW. Paul opened his first office in Lane Cove, and over the last 20 years he has continued to build Paul Denny Conveyancing.

These days, Paul is best known for his slogan “When all you do is conveyancing, you get very good at it”. Whether you love or hate his radio ads, the name Paul Denny has become synonymous with conveyancing. Paul is one of the most respected professionals in the conveyancing and property arena, with a depth of knowledge and level of experience that is second to none. He is frequently invited as a guest on 2UE to discuss the various issues that can come up when buying and selling property.

When Paul’s not conveyancing, he enjoys cycling, drinking fine wine, traveling the world and spending time with his wife and family.


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